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I have replaced throttle body and pedal. As specified all over the net to replace, so i did. But still after all that it wont rev. Check engine light blinking then another with arrow pointing down is also blinking. Then yesturday i checked the ecu looks like it shorted out. Plastic from connector is melted.
So i got a newly programmed ecu today. Owner said he was messing with radio wires when this happen. So i removed the fuse for the radio for now to check out in a later date. Plugged in the new ecu but still problem didnt go away. Car just idles pretty.
Codes im getting
I tested the harness to the throttle body from ecm. Theres tps 1 then tps 2, is there suppose to be 5v showing on this or none until u step on the gas pedal? Because one is showing thats there is then the other it doesnt.
Any advise would be great.
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