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I decided to fill up with 93 Shell V Power to see what the difference is, and since I had 65 cents off with Fuel Rewards Network figured I'll try it. Only about 30 miles in and maybe just in my head, but it seems like accelerating is a little faster/smoother. Prem is around ~80 cents more compared to 87. I have only filled up 3 times with 87 and my average is ~34MPG when calc fuel vs miles. The car reading is a little off since it told me 37.1. Be interesting to see if I see any improvements with 93 on MPG, I might switch back to 87 since I m thinking I will not get more milage to make up the difference in cost and will just see a boost in my head. Would just filling up 1 time with 93 would I see MPG improvements or would I need to use 93 for a few tanks to really see something?
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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