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Relocating the MAF into the charge pipe.

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I should make my own mod thread for all of my mods but I don't plan on doing much. I just want to do some few simple mods to aid in tune accuracy and consistency. The best mpg's is the main goal because I have another vehicle that fulfills my power needs.

The reason for this mod is to allow the maf to see the actual airlow the engine will be ingesting. The problem with having the maf at the inlet of the compressor as opposed to in the cold side charge pipe is there could be a huge airflow difference between what the maf is reading from what's actually in the charge pipe due to pressure drop and IAT differences. If I move the maf into the charge pipe, the maf will see the true intake air temps and a more consistent airflow reading improving maf tunability throughout the operating range. Iat's can differ 30*+from the inlet tube to the charge pipe so the ignition timing tables will control timing much more acurrately and consistently as well.
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I raised the shift points and now if feels like it pulls much harder and doesn't fall on it's face on each shift. Less rpm drop on each shift now. 40-80MPH seems much stronger now. I'll get a new video up when I get the chance.
I was thinking that as long as it was doing over 2000 rpm after the shift it should be pulling peak torque. Unless maybe the turbo spools down during the shift?
I'd like to have the transmission tuned to pull 35-75 in 3rd without shifting, for smooth freeway merges.

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Peak torque is not 2k rpm. Mine is around 4200 rpm. I'm actually keeping the stock shift rpm as I'm shooting for the best mpg's. Plus I've learned what it wants with cam tuning. Still calculates to 210 ft/lbs of torque in the data. I'm good with that if I can manage 55+MPG highway.
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