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So a popular mod for the VW turboed cars is to relocate the diverter valve closer to the throttle body to reduce lag and increase throttle response.

When taking a look at the way our PCV and re-circulation system works, it seems that its partially managed by the valves inside the intake manifold. The intake manifold passes the the extra boost when off throttle back to the intake. Also it seems that our recirculation valve only has a vacuum attachment and a single input for the boost.

This is completely different than what I'm familiar with on VW vehicles. It obviously should be due to the fact that they're engineered differently. But the principles should be the same. If you google VW diverter valve it has a L shaped chamber. One end plugs into the intake, another acts as an opening for excess boost to circulate back. Then a top vacuum line keeps it open.

So in order to relocate the valve do i have to change how the PCV system functions? Or can I tap into existing lines? Or is that not even necessary? IE: Just block off the location where the valve sits from the factory, T it into just before the throttle body, with the vacuum line connected as normal.

I was also thinking would it be possible to engineer in a VW diverter valve in? That way we could save money on valves.
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