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Remote Start still nonfunctional.

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Probably two months or longer now i was headed up from a friends house, ambient temp was about 28 degrees. Didn't realize till I got home the CEL was on and my edge wouldn't read it so i was like wtf? Hooked up my actron to it and it threw like P0171 and about 2-3 others I don't remember now. Anyhow I wiped code, never got CEL again, yet the remote start still doesn't work lol, battery been disconnected I think twice within 2 months for some work and when I switched my intake back to stock for smog. Any ideas?
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Check again for a stored, but inactive, code.

For a WAG, the most common problem is a bad hood latch.
It is satisfying the system enough to not set a hood open warning but not enough for the ecm to allow remote starting.

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Battery needs to be disconnected for a good hour before you can safely say it will go into learn mode.

Seems kinda silly for an open hood to prevent remote start, but who knows. Also not sure why you need to mess with the intake to pass a smog test unless you live in Diesel **** California.
exactly why I need to mess with my intake hahaha, debating leaving the stock intake box on, anyone want a free AEM intake? :p
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