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My DIC MPG is always 2-4mpg off(high) with an average of 2.5mpg high. My last fill up the DIC said 43.8MPG but my actual pump calculated was 37.3mpg, a 6.5MPG difference(high). I have only ever had one other fillup that off, and that was the first tank so the dealer could have not fully filled the tank.

Typically I never use my remote start(a few times a tank at most), this tank however I used it at least 6-12times for 2-6minutes to cool off the car. I wondered if the DIC trip MPG was not working when using remote start, so last night I remembered the DIC MPG readout before I locked the car for the night(41.3mpg) with only 30miles on the tank(so should it should drop quick idling).

Remote started my car this AM to cool it off, left it running for 4-6minutes while I watered the garden and when I got in the car and turned the key forward the DIC was still reading 41.3MPG? Kinda seems like the DIC is not calculating fuel used when in remote start mode(all gauges, radio, and climate controls are powered off). I will try verify this for sure(checking the DIC again) but seems like an oversight if its true.

Can someone else that uses remote start check their cars trip MPG and see if its showing fuel burned(less MPG) when idling like it should?
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