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Remote start

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I have a 2012 cruze eco package. It has the 6 speed manual. I am wanting to add remote start to it. I have already heard all the possibilites of what could happen with it. What I am wanting to know is what all I will need to do this? Anything besides the remote start unit?
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It can be done. Fairly easily. I had my Manual Civic remote start, and that was 23 years ago. Not sure if you can do it with the factory remote start. I know there is a thread on it, because I wanted to do it to my Manual. I blew through 3 Manual Cruze Ecos, in 5 years and never did it to any of them. My 2017 Premier is an auto, so, naturally it has remote start from the factory. I know there are aftermarket alarms that actually allow you to remote start a manual, which require a sequence to be accomplished before you exit the car, for it to remote start upon your return. It has something to do with making sure it’s in neutral, which is obvious. Pulling the e-brake, and removing the key, which leaves the car running, you exit, lock the door and turn off the car with the remote. Or when you exit, and lock the door, the car turns off automatically.

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I have seen something about a module or bypass?
With today's increased hazards. I don't think I'd want a remote on a manual. Never know when a kid might be in the area and you left the car in gear.
There has to be a way to lock out the remote start when in gear. Step one would be to see if the E-Brake is engaged, second somehow see if it is in neutral. I own an auto, but someone familiar with the electrical on a manual should be able to find something to tap into for the safety. After that it is just a couple of line breaks to a normal remote start.
I thought it had something to do with security bypass?
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