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Remove Clogged Catalytic converter?

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Hello, so my 2012 1.8l LS Cruze @ 130k miles just threw the "low efficiency" catalytic converter code. Chevy says I need a new one and it would be $700+ but I'm thinking of straight piping it because I'm getting rid of this car next year, is that possible without buying an exhaust manifold? It looked like the Cat was in the downpipes right after the upstream o2 or is that just fooling me and it's actually behind the down stream o2 in the middle of the car?
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Kinda crappy for the next owner to find out. Especially in California.

Sometimes those codes are just an O2 sensor that needs replacing. Cat really shouldn't be bad if the car wasn't misfiring or running with a CEL on for a lean/rich code for an extended time period.
I killed a cat @ 67K and fuel trims were good according to all I asked to include servicing dealership.
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