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Remove Clogged Catalytic converter?

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Hello, so my 2012 1.8l LS Cruze @ 130k miles just threw the "low efficiency" catalytic converter code. Chevy says I need a new one and it would be $700+ but I'm thinking of straight piping it because I'm getting rid of this car next year, is that possible without buying an exhaust manifold? It looked like the Cat was in the downpipes right after the upstream o2 or is that just fooling me and it's actually behind the down stream o2 in the middle of the car?
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There should be No reason that you would need to replace a Catalytic Converter this early in your ownership of said Cruzen unless you are dumping oil in the exhaust stream ..

I suspect that your problems are within the O2 sensors as they may have become worn and need to be replaced .

California's restriction on Emissions are the strictest within the lower 48 and should be adheared to !
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