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Remove Clogged Catalytic converter?

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Hello, so my 2012 1.8l LS Cruze @ 130k miles just threw the "low efficiency" catalytic converter code. Chevy says I need a new one and it would be $700+ but I'm thinking of straight piping it because I'm getting rid of this car next year, is that possible without buying an exhaust manifold? It looked like the Cat was in the downpipes right after the upstream o2 or is that just fooling me and it's actually behind the down stream o2 in the middle of the car?
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Well my biggest problem is getting the CEL to go off after removing the cat.. I had him put it back on and the CEL went off for a few days and then came back on yesterday evening. The car started to bog down but I think that is also paired with my bad coil pack. The car is having issue after issue at 130k miles.. I've spent nearly $1500 in the last 2 months
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