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Remove Clogged Catalytic converter?

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Hello, so my 2012 1.8l LS Cruze @ 130k miles just threw the "low efficiency" catalytic converter code. Chevy says I need a new one and it would be $700+ but I'm thinking of straight piping it because I'm getting rid of this car next year, is that possible without buying an exhaust manifold? It looked like the Cat was in the downpipes right after the upstream o2 or is that just fooling me and it's actually behind the down stream o2 in the middle of the car?
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Was there a question to go with this?
I have had all the problems that listed here with my 2011chevy cruise. 1st I had the water leak issue where my AC stopped working. Next I'm told to replace my headers.Then the cat needed replaced and an aftermarket once costed me 1200.00 just for parts. Now it is leaking oil and its starts to bog down like it's clogged. It's throwing the cat code again. I just replaced in March. So I am going to straight pipe mine. I am a female and not knowing alot about motor work I went down the list of codes fixing them one after another. I got on Google and decided to do some research on how to fix my car myself because I'm already out way more money than its worth and a heck of a lot more than I paid for it. It's a 2011 with turbo. Oil is leaking the display light went off the thing bogs down and I'm not going to spend another 5gs on this thing..cats are off ...yep I cut them off myself. And the straight pipe is going in TODAY...IHAVE HAD ALOT OF ISSUES WITH THIS CARAND ALREADY SPENT WAY TO MUCH TO JUST EATIT...
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