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Removing Hood

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Hey Guys I wanna Carbon Fiber wrap my hood its really cold so i wanna remove my hood and do it in my room but my question is will it just bolt back on or will it be out of adjustment... my dad said it will be but i cant see how? any suggestions thanks:)
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I never took my hood off , so your dad maybe correct .
If in fact you find that the bolts do not have to be adjusted when you loosen them .. the hood does not shift after you loosen them .. the procedure of properly fitting the hood may be avoided ..if the hood does slip down after the initial loosening of bolts . Aligning the hood to fit is not to serious of an undertaking .. when reinstalling the hood a slight tight of the bolts that allows for wiggling the hood to fit properly is needed and then tighten ...
i've never had my hood off, but i doubt there is much adjustment there. Like brian said, just snug the bolts up when you put it on and let it down easy and make sure the gaps are even on both sides and the front (if they aren't, wiggle it around until you get it as close as you can (they might not be perfect from the factory)), then tighten the bolts up.
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Near the drivers side hood hinge, there is the hose that connects the washer fluid to the nozzles. There is a small connection there you can disconnect, figure I would mention this so you don't end up breaking it.
Call this a three man, whoops, person job, two by the hinges, one in front. For putting it back, can clearly see the paint marks for perfect alignment. But also need two other people working in coordination. Not easy for one guy or gal, is the ERA watching, to be in three places at the same time, and you sure don't want to drop it.

Or try under a tree or use a skyhook and some ropes. Of course you don't want to slam it down, bring it down very slowly, have gaps at the rear and side of the fenders, about an 1/8" and even on both sides, may have to trim it up a tad. Will also have paint chips, can't help this, get some touch up paint with skill and won't be able to tell it from new.

Are you sure you want to try this? Been doing this for some odd 60 years now. Yeah, as a kid, I did screw up, LOL.

Glanced at spaceout post, yep, want to remove that hose first, writing and doing it, is two different things. How come the Cruze doesn't have an underhood lamp? One less thing to worry about.
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