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Repaint due to flaw in paint job

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I had this but flake off for lack of a better term right before I left for spring break 2 weeks ago. Has anyone gotten their dealer to resolve the issue?

2016 Cruze paint issue
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Naturally, it is a photo so.......

What I see is a tiny indentation (like from a rock or BB or a result or a indent from the high point of another door hitting it) and shattered paint.
I have not seen this type of damage from a poor paint process.

What would explain the perfect curve of the right side though?
Also I bought touch up paint in the paint pen style the dealer sells. This will take care of that correct?
I second the notion that it took a hit, just judging from the picture.
Motion confirmed. All in favor, say aye.

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Looks like a long distance hit by a bullet or possibly a pellet from the left to me.
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