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Replace stock gps unit for aftermarket mediaplayer/gps - cruze lt 2011

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Hope that someone can help me. I have a cruze lt 2011 with a stock gps unit. The Maps are soo old and updating is very expensive. For that reason I want to change it for an aftermarket one. Now I read somwhere that the stock gps unit has a different canbus than the stock radio unit. Is this true? As al the aftermarket ones were meant to replace stock radio units and not stock gps units.

Thanx in advance.

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It's $180 to update your OEM map database.

GM | General Motors | GM - North America Map Update - DENSO Global A - v.2016 | HERE

How much will a non-oem solution cost you?
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Thank you both for answering. I can buy an aftermarket Android system for about 230 Euro's (250 dollars), but is has more functionality than the stock unit, for example bluetooth, so I would prefer that. But for that I need to know if I can replace the factory GPS unit with an aftermarket one. Probably it wil fit, but I don't know if the CANbus is different than the Cruze models without a factory GPS unir. The Cruze I have (bought here in Europe) is the Korean model I think? It does not have Mylink or something like that.
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