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replaced motor on drivers windon on 2013 chevy

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replaced the window cross arm mechanism and motor in chevy cruze. Was an easy change out
Tested after and window goes up and down no problem. After about a month daughter returned and said the window would not close
Checked window and it seemed to not have quite enough power to get to the top as it would try to close then stop
Re aligned d window in the weather stripping seal as best I could and checked for any adjustments on the window mechanism itself , but there dos not seem top be any.

Are there steps or adjustments that I am missing?
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You might have to reprogram it.

Programming the Power Windows

If the battery on the vehicle has been recharged or disconnected, or is not working, the windows will need to be reprogrammed for the express-up feature to work. Before reprogramming, replace or recharge the vehicle's battery.

To program each front window: 1. With the ignition in ACC/ ACCESSORY or ON/RUN, or when RAP is active, close all doors.

2. Press and hold the power window switch until the window is fully open.

3. Pull the power window switch up until the window is fully closed.

4. Continue holding the switch up for approximately two seconds after the window is completely closed.

The window is now reprogrammed.

Repeat the process for the other windows.

That's what I did when I recently changed my window motor and assembly.
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