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Replaced Transmission, and the ride is still choppy

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Hello! I'm new to the forum. I wanted to get advise from some other Chevy Cruze owners.

I recently bought a 2012 Chevy Cruze LS on a Friday. When I was test driving, I asked if the car had cruise control, and the salesman said "Uh....I think so. It should, since it has bluetooth." Then he proceeded to look at my wheel while I was driving and then said, "Ahah! Yeah, it's on your blinker stick." Me, not being a car person, believed him. Since we were going a slow path (I think they drive that path on purpose to hide transmission issues. Certified Pre-owned my ass...) and we were nearly done, I didn't test the so called cruise control.

I bought the car because I honestly liked it.

That weekend I learned I did not have cruise control. And that my car was very slow to accelerate and was extremely choppy when shifting gears. At a stop light, it would go well above 3,000 RPM going from 0 mph to 20. (It goes above 3,000 RPM at around 8 mph). While trying to speed up, I could feel the car jerking forward ever so slightly whenever the car was shifting into a higher gear. Also, when going down hill and trying to speed up, it would feel like that feeling you get when a bicycle has a chain that's half off. It was like the car refused to speed up whatsoever. I brought the issue to the salesman, and they took the car in for repair. Two weeks later and they hadn't done a single thing on the car because they were fighting between GM and the used lot to see who would cover the cost to fix the car. Eventually they made the decision and found that the car they sold me had a bad transmission. (It was something specific like Torque converter and something else in the transmission, so they just replaced the entire thing with a used transmission with a 6 month warranty).

I got my car back on a rainy day, so I couldn't really say if it was fixed because I had to drive slowly anyway. When it cleared up, I drove the car, and it was still going to a really high RPM at 8 mph and the car was...kind of shuddering or stalling when shifting gears. It's very jerky. So I brought it in the service center and when on a ride with the technician. He told me he did feel downshifting and that he honestly thinks that because I only drove the car a handful of miles since the new transmission was put in, that I need to drive it a few hundred for the transmission to learn my driving habits.

Does this sound like a legit thing? He said that the transmission has a computer that will learn my driving habits and slowly adjust itself to shift gears in a way that better fits my driving. He said that because they put a new one in, the settings were reset and I'd have to drive it a few hundred miles for it even out. My previous car was a beat up 2003 Honda Civic that had no problems shifting gears whatsoever. I've never driven a car this jerky before.
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It is true that they "learn" driving habits. The 1.8L, like Honda Civics of old, is a torqueless wonder of an engine and often revs fairly high for power (my friend's 2004 Civic would often shift @ 4k just keeping up with traffic).

Can you post a video of you normally accelerating away from a light or something?

FYI, Cruise control can be added to the LS - either via a steering wheel replacement/reprogramming, or via the Rosta cruise control kit.
I'm pretty sure that the transmission requires 200 miles of learning.

There's also a quick learn mode available for some transmissions but I honestly can't say for yours.

I also want to mention that some of what you described sounded like bad motor mounts to me. But I could be totally wrong on that as it's very difficult to diagnose a feeling or sensation of the car's behaviour via text.
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