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It looks like I'm going to be keeping the Cruze a little longer than what I expected, and I'm looking at doing struts and shocks.

For some of you that have been around for a while like @XtremeRevolution will remember that early 2011 and 2012 Cruzes prior to VIN C7239134 required replacement of the spring when doing struts. I've searched this forum high and low and I can't find these old threads explaining the changes, and concerns with just swapping cartridges into the old springs.

I thought Xtreme did a How-To on front struts, rather than his review at 100-500 miles which I found, but it didn't mention this issue.

Does anyone remember exactly what the differences were between the springs used on pre VIN C7239134 and the current GEN 1 springs?

While KYB and Monroe both have a strut for prior to VIN C7239134 and after, Bilstein B4's only have one part number.

If I go with the B4's would I need to buy new OEM springs as well?

I know the B6's are heavy duty, but that's a few hundred more for a car that doesn't see that much driving anymore. I'd like to avoid ending up ordering parts that don't work together if I order the B4's and use my springs.

My springs are in good shape, and were repaired late in 2011 on a 2012 build, prior to the service bulletins requiring spring replacement redesign.

Now 7 years latter finding all this info on the internet is harder to come by in searches. Anyone remember the details with this?


Spring length is the difference. The spring perch was moved. I believe they lengthened the spring on later models. I had my front struts replaced under warranty for clicking/knocking, and when I installed the Bilstein B6 HD shocks, they were a perfect fit. Bilstein's shocks will comply with the newer design.

Worst case, just order the replacement springs on or something and you'll be all set.
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