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Replacing my turbo - need last minute advice.

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Long story short, I'm quite sure my turbo is cooked and I have bought a used one off Ebay along with one of the newly designed oil feed lines. I should have them shortly, and the only piece of the puzzle that I'm missing is whether there are any gaskets or anything else I will need to do the job.

I know several people here have swapped out a turbo, but no one has given full details on the job. There is no GM dealership near me or any online resource I've been able to find, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I have a 2012 Eco 6-speed with 140k km on the odo. I never had a single issue with the car, not even water pump or coolant smell or any of the other stuff. My CEL light would come on and off the odd time, sometimes stay on for months at a time, but it is a GM so I would be concerned if it didn't - right?

All at once while driving on the highway I lost all my oomph. There was no noise, engine revved and idled smoothly, but I simply lost any real power. I had the codes pulled, and the three there were the 'lean left bank' because I run 87 octane, the infamous 0771 or whatever for the camshaft cover PCV valve of doom, and naturally the 0299 for underboost.

I ordered a new cover and installed it, and while doing so checked all vacuum lines and air filter / MAF, etc. That code went away. My wastegate actuator moves freely with zero slop of any kind on the pin.

Honestly, I went too long between oil changes with crappy oil and I am quite sure that my feed line slowly plugged up over time until it starved the bearing on the turbo. On startup there is a very minor rattling I can hear that I am sure is the remains of my rotor jiggling about in there. The engine doesn't drink oil or coolant, there has never been any puffs of smoke out the back end, and the only code I throw now is underboost. I troubleshoot machinery for a living, and to me the problem is obvious.

I would rather douse myself in 87 octane than fight with GM for warranty, and this job looks amazingly easy to do. I was ignorant as to how critical oil quality was to this thing, and obviously there is a design flaw to this turbo since GM has quietly redesigned the feed line, flashed ECU's to run the fan after the motor shuts off, and dropped the oil lifespan monitor by a healthy percentage.

I will make a post detailing anything that a person needs to know about swapping out their own turbo, but the definitive how to with a zillion pictures is best left to those with a garage and time.
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