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Replacing my turbo - need last minute advice.

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Long story short, I'm quite sure my turbo is cooked and I have bought a used one off Ebay along with one of the newly designed oil feed lines. I should have them shortly, and the only piece of the puzzle that I'm missing is whether there are any gaskets or anything else I will need to do the job.

I know several people here have swapped out a turbo, but no one has given full details on the job. There is no GM dealership near me or any online resource I've been able to find, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I have not done it myself, but off the top of my head, you'll want the turbo oil feed line, the turbo oil return line, the coolant feed and return lines, and the exhaust manifold gasket assuming there is one (the exhaust manifold is built into the turbo).

Beyond that, it should just hook right up. Of course, you'll need some oil and antifreeze to top off.
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