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Replacing OEM radio/dvd with OEM radio/dvd with navigation

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I am replacing a oem radio/dvd in my 2013 Cruze with a oem radio/dvd with navigation out of another 2013 Cruze. both cars are LT1. i know i have to have the replacement radio/dvd with navigation flashed with my cars vin number. i have the following questions

1) There is an extra antenna port on the back of the replacement radio/dvd. Is this for an GPS antenna?
2) What other cables/harness will i need to purchase to get the GPS to work?
3) Is there any other modifications i will need to make to have the GPS work on this oem radio/dvd with navigation?

thank you for your help!
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You've answered all of your own questions . I like guys like you that only need to confirm that this swap is all out of your own POCKET .

So yes .
Yes and
Yes to affirm your assumptions ..

Any dealer worth their salt will let ya know of your total out of pocket costs that are necessary to flash the BCM for you ..

You should only need a GPS antenna and cable !
It is the same entertainment radio with the added Navigation circuit .. you see an added antenna GPS fitting on the back of the H U ..

What else do you want ..
Pull the 1 you wnat to replace out and then examine the wiring in comparison .. this procedure should allow you to visually confirm what is needed .

Good Luck and here is a site just for you to peruse at your leasure .....Installation Parts for Car Stereo Installers - Harnesses, Dash Kits, Bluetooth, Tools, Do it Yourself Stuff
Now you people are getting a bit long winded and quite disconcerting at this time of the year .. if you do not have any practical experience in this field then do not attempt to undertake such monumental tasks ...

There is too many things that you will botch up ..

Every some ones just have to have instantaneuos gratifation .

Sheesh ................
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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