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Replacing OEM radio/dvd with OEM radio/dvd with navigation

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I am replacing a oem radio/dvd in my 2013 Cruze with a oem radio/dvd with navigation out of another 2013 Cruze. both cars are LT1. i know i have to have the replacement radio/dvd with navigation flashed with my cars vin number. i have the following questions

1) There is an extra antenna port on the back of the replacement radio/dvd. Is this for an GPS antenna?
2) What other cables/harness will i need to purchase to get the GPS to work?
3) Is there any other modifications i will need to make to have the GPS work on this oem radio/dvd with navigation?

thank you for your help!
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ChevyGuy's advice is spot on, it would almost be easier to trade in the car and get what you want in another cruze !!
more than a uphill battle to make it work, what are we really missing, the radio is not that bad AND is fully integrated with the vehicle
I came to the conclusion it was just the GPS and I decided to use the dash pod and put a better GPS with free lifetime map updates
I did also add a 4 channel 50 watt amp and woofers on the rear deck to improve the bass and fullness of the sound and I feel I have a better than
stock cruze with the pioneer upgrade and GPS--all for a lot less money !
maybe a sticky is needed for the options to upgrade the radio along with their limitations !
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