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Replacing OEM radio/dvd with OEM radio/dvd with navigation

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I am replacing a oem radio/dvd in my 2013 Cruze with a oem radio/dvd with navigation out of another 2013 Cruze. both cars are LT1. i know i have to have the replacement radio/dvd with navigation flashed with my cars vin number. i have the following questions

1) There is an extra antenna port on the back of the replacement radio/dvd. Is this for an GPS antenna?
2) What other cables/harness will i need to purchase to get the GPS to work?
3) Is there any other modifications i will need to make to have the GPS work on this oem radio/dvd with navigation?

thank you for your help!
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Bad news. It looks like the entire entertainment system is different. Different display, different radio , different controls. There's also the addition of an antenna splinter so the nav unit can get a GPS signal. And the wiring harness looks to be different as well because everything has a different connector pin-out is different.

Also be on the lookout for presence/absence of RPO Codes KTA - it means there's an added Multimedia player interface. When it's present, the Aux and USB jacks connect to it. If it's absent, then they go direct to the radio.

Code UQA indicates the Pioneer upgrade. As far as I can tell, it may be the same radio, as it uses the same pinouts.

Bottom line, I'm not sure if you're going to be able to get all the parts off of eBay. Not unless the seller knows what it takes to do an upgrade. You may be better off finding a wreck and pulling all the associated parts yourself.
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