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Replacing OEM radio/dvd with OEM radio/dvd with navigation

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I am replacing a oem radio/dvd in my 2013 Cruze with a oem radio/dvd with navigation out of another 2013 Cruze. both cars are LT1. i know i have to have the replacement radio/dvd with navigation flashed with my cars vin number. i have the following questions

1) There is an extra antenna port on the back of the replacement radio/dvd. Is this for an GPS antenna?
2) What other cables/harness will i need to purchase to get the GPS to work?
3) Is there any other modifications i will need to make to have the GPS work on this oem radio/dvd with navigation?

thank you for your help!
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these are not assumptions. these are questions. i went to a dealership and the parts department was no help at all with what i will need to make this swap work. they printed off a wiring diagram that was very little help. no break down of cable/harness that plugs into the back of the radio at all. no gps cable or antenna shown.
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Thank you Everyone

For $218 i purchased the receiver/Nav unit and controller off of Ebay. The touch screen that was in my car has the correct part Number ( 22851302) for the Touch screen w/navigation. I also want to add that touch screens are not vin specific. I took a really hard look at the back of both receivers. the only difference is that the receiver with navigation has an added GPS antenna hook up. everything else is identical. after looking hard at the GPS port in the nav unit, i decided to purchase a stand alone GPS antenna for a Hummer/Cadillac that fit the port perfectly. It cost only $12. It works Great and is much cheaper and easier than replacing wiring harnesses in the car.

I installed the receiver and controller and headed to the dealership to have it flashed with my cars vin number. They flashed it for $98. I picked the car up and the GPS unit is working great from the touch screen. All touch screen buttons related to navigation are working great.

The only issue i see is that the 3 navigation buttons on the controller are not functional. i assume that a slight modification is needed to the cable that plugs into the back of the controller. All other buttons and functions on this navigatgion controller work great. i can access all car functions and all areas. just 3 dead navigation buttons.

For $318 dollars i have added Navigation to my 2013 Cruze at a minimal price and i love it! I would love to however have the 3 navigation buttons functional on the controller and would love to hear what you all think about it!!

I have sent GTPprix an email. no response yet.
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