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Read about HOW TO ... do this in various threads.

Thought I would Sum Up my experience.

  1. Stud Sizes are L1 = M12 x 1,5 x 51 mm total length - Includes a L3 = 15.5 mm shoulder length
  2. Stud size are L1 = M12 x 1.5 mm x 49 total length - Includes a L3 = 13 mm shoulder length
  3. L2 = ~12.2 mm (can someone confirm ..?)
  4. Wheel (lug) nuts are M12 x 1.5 mm as these where on steelies they also had the tread on the outside for the standard wheels covers

Rim specs for 1.4 Cruze - Torque is recommend 100 lbs - I prefer 90 ( this is a personal choice)
215/60R166.5Jx16 ET395x105M12 x 1.556.5
225/50R177Jx17 ET405x105M12 x 1.556.5
225/45R188.5Jx18 ET405x105M12 x 1.556.5

How to replace Stud.

  1. Buy parts before hand - saves time and effort
  2. Remove Wheel and Wheel (lug) nuts
  3. Note : Drum Dust cover has a countersunk 6 x 20 mm(14.2 THD) holding bolt - requires a special tool for removal or drill this out.
  4. Remove dust cover (I used this opportunity top inspect brake pads and with air gun gently blow out dust)
  5. Gentle tap out broken stud ... Mine can out easily
  6. Replace with correct length stud.
  7. To pull Stud into Hub I used some Spring Washers (as spaces) then a wheel nut and tighten until flush and firmly embedded.
  8. Replace Dust cover
  9. Remember to insert and tighten 6 mm countersunk bolt
  10. Replace wheel - I use some anti-seizure paste on studs
  11. Tighten Wheel (lug) nuts to correct torque - My torque wrench is set to 90 Lbs
  12. Replace wheel covers and tighten - do not over tighten - I use a 19 mm socket and hand tighten.

Tools used

  1. Jack and Jack stands to support car.
  2. Electrical Impact wrench to loosed and remove wheel nuts - 19 mm long Socket
  3. Torque wrench
  4. Drill
  5. Assorted drill bits to remove 6 mm holding screw
  6. Assorted tools - screwdrivers and pliers
  7. Compressor and air gun could / also have used air impact wrench
  8. Assorted spring and normal washers and spare Wheel (lug) Nut
  9. Anti-seizure paste

Total time replace stud was less than 40 mim - took me longer to write this post. - excluding time for 2 nd trip to exchange incorrect sized wheel stud.

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Hi - reason for replacing stud was that thread had been damaged due to a being badly cross threaded (our mistake - learning experience (sounds better than "stupidity")) and final broke. :wub:
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