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Not affiliated with the seller. Long story short, nothing is preventing me from using the stock shifter, it's just really worn over time so when the chrome accent peals off it'll cut up my hand.

Since I had a screw on knob and not a press fit, I looked and read as much as I could on the subject. All the autoparts stores carry the same brands of aftermarket shift knobs, gimicky, cheap feeling crap, universal fits, with no consideration for a shifter assembly with a lock out ring. Then there's an almost duplicate OEM looking shifter on ebay for the cruze but without the stiching and questionable durability.

So I took the risk of buying a paperweight, got this one for $45 on ebay, and it's exactly what i'd hoped for. Screws on effortlessly, and uses the stock reverse lock out without needing an additional adapter/plastic neck collar to work and look flush. Plus it came with a 10x1.25mm nut that fits exactly into the spring on the lockout, and it's got similar dimensions to the stock knob.

Hope this helps someone avoid buying a plastic eight ball, pistol grip, or feeling like they will never find something that is good as the custom knob from XtremeRevolution!


-CNC'd aluminum with metal threading
-Powder Coated (Glossy color)
-270 grams
-10x1.25mm threading
-Reverse lockout width: 34mm
-Reverse lockout depth: 16mm
-Largest width: 55mm
-Height: 60mm
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