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Was the extended warranty purchased through the dealer? I know the name has changed, but I am thinking about buying this now as I keep getting different notices in the mail and have heard that this was the way to go. I guess I should go ask my dealer...:whatdoyouthink:
As long as you're still under the New Car Limited Warranty you could have purchased this protection. You will get post cards and letters from countless companies offering bumper to bumper coverage, best to go with a plan from your dealer. The specific policy I have can still be purchased under a different name and the newer G.M. branded policy can also be obtained but they can be costly. For example I bought a GMPP for $1600, returned it, dropped by the next closest dealer and bought the same plan for $1000 with an additional $100 going to the shop. The only reason this happened is because one Chevy Dealer didn't like the other Chevy Dealer and wanted to burn the F & I guy and my friend, the Sales manager out of $600 in extra profits, I was all for that!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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