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RIP bumper to bumper warranty

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Well after only 1 year 9 months and 14 days, I have officially crossed over 36,000 miles.

No problems yet, other than the 1-2 grind under WOT which I remedied by changing my manual transmission fluid to the Amsoil syncromesh and tweaking my driving style. I recently replaced the battery, but only because I felt it wasn't holding a charge up to my standards. It never had any starting issues, but I could tell it was getting weaker and since the temperatures dropped, I noticed the alternator would always be charging whenever the car was running. The battery itself was 3 years old and it sat the dealer lot for a year with no activity so I got paranoid and replaced it before it had a chance to give me any trouble.

I'm trying to stay on the side of preventative maintenance rather than waiting until something fails. Next spring it's getting new tires, another transmission fluid change, and some new spark plugs.

I've really grown to love my Cruze and I am hoping it will reward my diligence with many years of humble service.
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