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Rising gas prices...aren't you glad you bought a Cruze now?

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As I watch the gas prices go up here in Oklahoma where we usually have some of the lowest prices in the nation, I am so glad I have a gas saving 2017 Cruze to drive ( averaging 34 city 39 hwy using premium 91). What surprised me when looking at compact cars and smaller how the Cruze mpg beats many. Almost have to get a hybrid to do better gas wise but the cost jumps too so not sure if it's really a savings all around. Ironically the carmakers say the buyers are now buying gas guzzlers because gas has stayed low. Well what do these buyers do when gas starts to go up and up and up back to nearly $4 a gallon? I think us Cruze owners will be laughing and smiling at the gas pumps eh?
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Premium (91) is $4.09 here in SoCal....good thing I went E85 and only paying 2.49 with an average of 22mpg. My 25 mile drive to work really sucks. I go from 2,500ft elevation to 1,000 and then back to 2,500...with hills in between and lots of traffic going from 20-80mph. I cant get the awesome mpg some of you report on your 1.4s :(
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I think the E85 is what might be killing your gas mileage. Though, with that big of difference in price, it might be worth it. I drive from 1200 ft to over 2600 ft, down to 2100 feet on the way to work, and then the opposite on the way back home. I have been averaging well over 40 mpg, usually around 45. Though the speed limit for most of the trip is 65. Though it is 70 for a little while, and 55 up the mountain and back down.
Its not the e85, I was getting 24-26mpg on 91 before I converted. I as able to get 31 once (80ish mph most of the drive) but that was the only time I have driven for a long distance on a mostly empty flat road. I think its the constant stop n go both ways in my 50 mile round trips. I did see a mild drop in mpg with e85, but it is still well worth it. I was spending $450-500 a month on gas using my truck (12mpg). I now barely go over 200/mo and my car payment is only 175.
1 - 2 of 68 Posts
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