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Rising gas prices...aren't you glad you bought a Cruze now?

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As I watch the gas prices go up here in Oklahoma where we usually have some of the lowest prices in the nation, I am so glad I have a gas saving 2017 Cruze to drive ( averaging 34 city 39 hwy using premium 91). What surprised me when looking at compact cars and smaller how the Cruze mpg beats many. Almost have to get a hybrid to do better gas wise but the cost jumps too so not sure if it's really a savings all around. Ironically the carmakers say the buyers are now buying gas guzzlers because gas has stayed low. Well what do these buyers do when gas starts to go up and up and up back to nearly $4 a gallon? I think us Cruze owners will be laughing and smiling at the gas pumps eh?
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I bought my '13 cruze in late '13 when gas was $4/gallon. Not long after that it dropped to 2-2.50 and it's pretty much been there ever since. Now in my neck of the woods it's 2.60-2.80 for 87 today.
No I don't wish for gas to go back to $4/gallon because it still costs twice as much and it's a drain on the economy as well.
Exactly - who gives a **** about fuel economy figures at 100 mpg?
I would be much more concerned about a ticket/losing my license. Here in Hellinois you can get a reckless driving ticket for anything more than 20mph over the limit. That's a class A misdemeanor. Up to 1 year in jail and 2500 fine.
In Hellinois there's so much "school" taxes there should be enough money to eliminate the federal deficit. I remember back in the 70s when lottery came to Hellinois it was supposed to bail out the school system, hah they just ended up with more debt. Then there was a push for river boat gambling and they again used schools to push this through but gambling had to be on the water and on a boat that actually left the dock. Long story short there are no more boats and it's all land based and boy do they protect the gambling area. Yup you guessed it the school system still needs more $$$.
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Isn't it ironic that the higher the taxes go the more debt there is.
That's about as screwed up as it can get.
Talk about complete utter incompetence.
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