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I wonder if history will repeat itself.
As a young man, back (waaaaay back) in the 60's, gasoline was running around 29.9 cents for regular, 32.9 cents for premium.
Nobody thought a thing of cars only getting ten to twelve mpg, and the fun stuff, (Camaro/Chevelle/Mustang/Fairlane/Challenger/ get the drift), maybe eight/nine on a good day when you behaved yourself, was the norm.
Then came the first fuel 'shortage'.
Gasoline, for the first time ever, passed $.50 cents a that is laughable, but back then, making $1.75 an hour was ok dough.

As soon as gas broke the magic fifty cents though........everything that burned fuel was traded in on the first wave of small imported cars.
Had I only had the resources and knowledge of the future (don't we all wish this?).

My wife saved the auto sales section of the newspaper (that thing that preceded the internet, heh heh) from our wedding day, 1971.
1969 Olds 442 4 speed car....$950.00. .......1968 HEMI Charger, automatic car (dual quads btw) $1350.00.

The dealers were giving these things away.....they were back lot specials because there were so many.....and they were cheap....even for those days by virtue of so many not wanted.

I figure, if we hit $4.00 again, it'll be a replay of the 70's......only this time, lots of unwanted, large SUV's.

1 - 1 of 68 Posts
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