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Recently been having with my 2011 Cruze (in Australia it is a Holden Cruze)
It no longer holds in first gear (or any gear) on a hill. It will start slipping down.

I do not believe it is the clutch, as there is no sign on slippage (even on big hills).
I have marked the drive belt with chalk and only to find when the car slips on the hill the belt moves.

I have read reports of bad pistons sent out with this model... does anybody know this was a localized problem or globally?

Of course the dealer wants nothing to do with this at the moment and they insist on them running their own tests on their cars in the yard.


I am sorry you are experiencing this concern. You can always contact GM Customer Service in Australia at 1800 033 349 in regards to this issue.

Erica Tiffany
Chevrolet Customer Service
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