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Roof bike rack with sunroof

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Anyone have a sunroof on their Cruze using a bike rack? I am curious if you lose functionality with it on? Any complaints about it? I am debating between a roof or hitch rack.
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will get one in spring for kayak, 99% of the time i OPEN the sunroof, not POP it up, so wont be an issue that way
Never seen a hitch rack for a kayak, but sure have them for bikes. Did a quick search for kayak trailers, found many if you want to haul a dozen, but no luck in finding a trailer for just one.

Wife gave me a challenge for mounting a kayak on top of our motor home. With the AC's and all those vents on top, really a challenge and top of that thing is ten feet off the ground. At 14 feet long, can't find a clear spot on the roof, with an 8 foot wide home, could get into problems with the law by hanging it on the side, and no way will it make that turn trying to fit it on the inside with a two foot wide door.

Solution? Either buy an inflatable or try to rent one someplace. Bikes are not a problem, modified a rack to fit over the spare tire, let's go biking instead. To easy to dent the top of the roof on the Cruze with a roof rack, with bikes, would stick with a hitch rack.

88 Supra is no problem, easy to mount a kayak on top and did add a hidden hitch for a bike rack so can carry both. But not sure about camping out in a Supra. But do have a tent with an air mattress, that would be roughing it. No microwave, no TV, no sound surround, no AC, no comfortable beds. Ha, enough of this in the military, LOL.
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I will say, I had a roof rack on, it cost me a lot of money in fuel, lots of wind drag....just saying...
Pelican roof rack was dumb, first mounted the kayak upright, if it rained on the way home with 15 gallons of water in it. An extra 120 pounds, would have never got it off. When you can't find anything decent, have to make your own. Then their straps were designed to loop around the handles so the kayak could shift left or right in a cross wind.

Only thing that held those foam pieces on the roof was friction, wind would blow them away. Ha, posted all this stuff in their website, did call me, explained what I did, deleted my post, but still selling the same rack.
I think the answer will really depend on if the roof rack feet press on the sunroof itself or if they are to the sides of it. The rear feet won't be a problem, just the front feet.. The GM/Thule rack's feet are far enough apart they won't interfere with the sunroof, but other brands may.
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