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Hey guys, A couple of questions!

I purchased these - 2011 2014 Chevy Cruze Chrome Front Bumper Driving Fog Lights Lamp Harness Switch | eBay
They look (nearly) stock, but have their own little switch. If I get ahold of the OEM switch how hard would one think it would be to wire these in? I just couldn't pass the price up.

I want to purchase this - Glass Wing Rear Roof LED Spoiler Black chevy cruze | eBay
Does anybody have any experience with this roof spoiler/brakelight?

I cannot seem to find the overlay for the third brake light that makes it say CRUZE when I hit the brakes and have been looking for this for some time.
I also am not sure on options for removing the d!ck whip and putting a sharkfin. I have seen one brand that is used by alot of cruzetalk members - are there cheaper alternatives?
First off: You get what you pay for!

I hope you resealed those fog lights, they are notorious for letting water in. As for the switch, you need to remove the fuse box and place the wire in the proper location for the switch to work. depending on your car model, you might need chevy to flash it.

For the roof light, yes this looks cool but I would be worried about water leaking into the seals or possible the car fabric.

For the shark fin, I would buy the BNR one, comes painted and they use 3M. This puppy is not going anywhere in a car wash.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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