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Rough idle and fan runs wild after water outlet replaced!

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Hi everyone. I replaced my water outlet valve a week ago and afterwards I'm getting these codes and a cooling fan running high speed. Codes are as follows.....PO 134, PO 135, PO237, AND PO 097. I messed up and changed valve w/o disconnecting negative cable but have sense disconnected and discharged any energy before reconnecting. What an I missing still???? Thank you!
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Unfortunately, I do not have that ability. I also can't seem to find anyone else who has experienced this issue. I may have to suck it up and pay the dealership pricing. (Insert stomach churning noise here). Ugh
The sensor in the outlet is the engine coolant sensor. It set a code when you refilled the coolant. I remember this happening when I did the water outlet.. Bleed the air out of the radiator tank on the white screw on the passenger side radiator tank.

Reset the codes..
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