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Rough idle and fan runs wild after water outlet replaced!

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Hi everyone. I replaced my water outlet valve a week ago and afterwards I'm getting these codes and a cooling fan running high speed. Codes are as follows.....PO 134, PO 135, PO237, AND PO 097. I messed up and changed valve w/o disconnecting negative cable but have sense disconnected and discharged any energy before reconnecting. What an I missing still???? Thank you!
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Just now did the exact same thing with the water outlet and I am having service stabilitrak I have drained the air out of the radiator multiple times still getting the flashing check engine light and service stabilitrak
You say multiple times, does that mean each time you did it more air came out? If so, continue as you have not completely purged the system. The alternative is you may have a blown head gasket forcing more into the system or something elese adding air back in.
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