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rough idle/ car not moving when going to accelerate

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Ok, so something totally weird happened to the cruze today. Sitting in traffic when all of a sudden I get a pulsating rough idle and I happen to look down at rpms and each time the rough idle hit the rpms went to 0 then back to 1,000, repeatedly.. then it stops but when traffic starts to move, I apply my foot to the gas pedal, car doesn't move...dafuq? Left scratching my head..any suggestions?

14 cruze rs 2lt 35k miles a/t
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Ha, daughter made a comment about being concerned for another motorhome trip, did get us home, but hit the wrong gas station and got water in the tank. Then I reminded her of all the times that happened to her.

Just one possibility. Is your CEL on? Another possibility with my kids is trying to drive on an empty fuel tank. Gas gauge problems?

My Cruze had a dirty ignition relay contact, but I made it home okay, Had to get out of the car, close the door, open the door and it restarted. Called rebooting this darn computer.
A long while, not even trained in electronics/electrical. Charging a buck an hour would be way too much.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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