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rough idle/ no vacuum

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I have a 2011 eco with just under 200k miles. I replaced the turbo/wastegate due to oscillating boost pressure. Guessing the wastegate actuator was bad. I've never seen vacuum on my boost gauge and still don't. The idle tends to run up to 1500 and back down around 1000 over and over again. I've done some research and investigated the engine cover plastic weld "hole" and it's not sucking air thru it like some people experience. I've looked at the red check mark in the pcv and it's visible. Not sure where to look next. I'm leaning towards a pcv problem but I don't know what exactly to replace.
Thanks for any advice.
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Also I have catless downpipe and catless exhaust. Aftermarket inlet and aftermarket air filter. The car hasn't been tuned at all so my o2 sensors aren't hooked up/trouble code. I've replaced the purge valve about the manifold and my alternator is still going strong.
It is not tuned. That was a suspicion of mine
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