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Rough Idle only after restart from Auto-Stop

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I've noticed a bit of a quirky thing on my 17' premier Cruze. If the auto-stop shuts off the engine at a stop light, and the engine restarts prior to me removing my foot from the car, the idle is very rough almost like a misfire to it. If I shift the transmission from drive, into neutral, the vibration seems to mostly go away. Has anyone else had a similar experience? It took me a while to pinpoint when I feel a rough idle, and it seems to happen almost always after the car restarts from the auto-stop. The dealer said it's normal, so no help there. But has anyone else noticed that rough idle after the restart?
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Yes, especially when it's real hot outside.
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My hatch seems to have this issue when remote started, as well. Not sure why that would affect it. I can discern, that the auto start likely as the starting system primed to restart the car immediately, and could have something with that. Its hard to say, until someone logs the car, or pulls a real time read of whats going on, with the ecu during an auto start, or a remote start.
Based on what jblackburn said, I'm thinking "heat soak".
Based on what jblackburn said, I'm thinking "heat soak".
I felt mine feel like it wanted to stall once, then caught itself, shuddered, and idled normally. It was 100* and we'd been sitting in traffic where the car had shut off at a light. It almost felt like vapor lock or like it was briefly starved for fuel or something.
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