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2014 Cruze 1.8 L 123,000
My car has been really struggling in this hot weather, I’ve noticed the last few weeks that the rpm’s have been dipping below 800, causing a rattling noise. When I turn on the ac it helps a little bit, but the engine still has a low rumbling noise at idle, and the ticking noise is very loud. Since last night, the rpm’s have been even more unstable, with occasional surging. When I go to put the ac, the rpm’s drop and the engine shakes before recovering. When I’m driving everything seems normal and perfect, but it sounds awful during idle. It sounds like a vacuum leak, but I’m not sure if it could be something else. I’m bringing it in to get the valve cover replaced, because it’s leaking all over, and I suspect the pcv might be failing too. As well as the spark plugs and perhaps the coil pack. Any suggestions?

here’s a video of how it sounds at idle.



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