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Any one else having multiple failures for this pcv valve that's integrated into the valve cover? My '12 Cruze has already had this happen twice now w/ just 55k miles. Seems like the parts are very cheap on this car. Same goes for the water pump (twice in same time frame).
Regarding multiple pcv/cam cover failures......Chevrolet has found that if a check valve, found in the intake manifold, gets stuck in its bore, the pcv vacuum disc will be overstressed and fail.
The newest bulletin instructs the mechanic to remove the corrugated vent line, found top center of the intake manifold, and look down the port to see if the valve tip is visable.
If the tip cannot be seen, the valve has failed and the intake manifold must be replaced in conjunction with the cam cover.
The entire process is covered under the 5yr/100k warranty.
The manifold arrives as a complete assembly with new injectors and throttle body.

The information is in your dealers data system......if they actually read the updates.

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