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Rough idle

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When my car warms up and sometimes before it gets super warm, when I idle at a light or stop sign it will idle roughly. Oil is good... Coolant is good.. couldn't see any wobble in any pullies . 2012 Cruze. not the 1.4 T. Any help or anything I'm not thinking of will help. Changes spark plugs a year or so ago. Coil pack should be ok. But open to suggestions. Also as it's idleing rough, the rpms dance around a little and you can see the headlights jolt a bit. Tried some Lucas fuel cleaner.. though maybe it seemed to help a little but it didn't... Also haven't changed the fuel filter so if that might be it too?
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2nd 2012 1.8l mt 147000km
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"Not the 1.4T"

But have you repleced the valve cover, or more integral, the pcv?

That can result in a sputter or two, also this being more a thought, the ac compressor may be working to dry up the car on those humid days.
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