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I've noticed a couple of times now when I'm sitting with my foot on the brake while I'm idling a stoplight that the RPM will drop to about 500rpm (it normally sits around 1000rpm at idle) and the engine will "rattle" as if were going to stall.

Has anyone experienced this or know what it might be? The dealer basically said unless they can produce the issue, I'm SOL.

Thanks in advance.
I've noticed EXACTLY what you're describing. It dosen't do it "often", but it's exactly as you said. No, there is no A/c on. No, no and no to the other guesses. I noticed it usually after a good romp on a open highway, then coming to a stop at the exit ramp or stop light etc. You got your foot on the brake and it shivvers or shudders for about a second like it was gonna stall, but it catches itself and goes right back to normal idle. This is on an automatic LS. I haven't taken mine in for the 30 day free checkup yet, but I'm sure it will come under the "normal or can't duplicate it" list.
My guess is it's just another weird quirk of the more complicated and busy 6 speed that gets a little freaked out under certain conditions.
As I said in prior posts, it's a great car at a great value. But I do get goosebumps just thinking about what the future holds for cars like the Corvette for example if the engineers are going to continue to tinker with the laws of physics as they relate to internal combustion engines and the limitations of fuel conservation.
As for tweeks and changes and TSB's, let me just say that there was a time in history when engineers lost their jobs if certain products didn't provide total customer satisfaction. If manufacturers allowed returns for product weirdness, I guarantee we wouldn't be having these conversations.;)
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