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I just experienced the same issue. While stopped at a light (A/C and fan OFF, only the radio was on) I felt as if the transmission was trying to got from neutral into 1st gear and back. I saw the RPM go from ~850 to ~550 and back up to ~850 rpm 4 times.
It scared the cruze out of me that it was going to stall.
I have always ran on 91 Shell or Esso since I bought it and I was at about half the tank when this happened
12000 miles
2011 Cruze LT (1.4T, A/T)
The only sign I had (related of not): while in traffic a few weeks ago, I kept it in manual mode and I saw it stayed in 2nd gear when stopped. Usually it should go into 1st gear. But that was the only time that happenned.
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