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Ruff idle, blowing tons of smoke and a lot of codes.

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Okay so I have a 2015 1.8 chevy cruze. I just replaced the head gasket. Put it all back together and it was running ruff at idle and it had a p0171 code so I ended up replacing the pcv thinking maybe the milky oil or something messed it up. Ended up doing nothing so I decided to just unplug the battery let it reset or what ever then take it for a drive to see if it would clear it self up. Ended up throwing the p0171, p0496. So I was like maybe it's the evap canister so tested that by blowing through it and clicking it open with a battery and it all worked fine. So I drove it around a bit more and put it under some harder acceleration and all the sudden it blew tons of blue/white smoke that definitely was oil. And now its throwing p0131, p0137, and p0171. (Both o2 sensors and running lean). No idea what could be causing this my thoughts are something with the pcv but not sure what. Fuel trims are like off 40 percent each at idle 馃槀
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Pressure tested all cylinders and they are all fine. Still really looks like the pcv but I literally just replaced it yesterday so I am really not sure how it could be that.
So, just replaced the PCV? Not the whole valve cover?

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Need to protect the seal from being nicked while sliding it over the open hole. Any damage results in oil syphoning.
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I replaced it with the valve cover as one piece. I think I might try to just pull it out and see if somehow maybe I got a dud
Just checked the pcv to see if there was anything wrong with it. Nothing was visually wrong it. If I pull the dip stick or oil cap the car instantly stalls. Isn't that another sign of a bad pcv.
Still having problems anyone got any ideas? It runs fine till it warms up then it just stalls out.
Pulling the dip stick, yes.
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With no plastic the seal is as good as cut... Looking down the hole it should be clear

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This is needed to shoe horn in the new PCV without damaging the valve

Aftermarket PCV from skp. Replacement needs to be done when the cover is just under untouchably hot as the plastic doesn't like to flex without heat.
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Pulling the dip stalls the car out has a small amount of suction. I just replaced the PCV but will look in to getting that one.
I replaced the valve cover with the pcv so it should not have got a damaged seal. I guess I can pull apart the one I just got to see if it is.
Just replaced the pcv again just its self this time and took for probably a 30 minute drive and was trying to get it to replicate the smoke and I could not. Floored it several times and it didn't have any issues. It does still have a ruff idle but it is definitely better than before. After the 30 minute drive I let it idle for like 30 more minutes in the drive way which it did without stalling which I probably would have done in about 1 minute previously. I definitely still has a ruff idle and I checked the codes and it only has 1 confirmed code which is p0131 (O2 sensor circuit low voltage) still has the p0171 as a pending code. Is there any way to test the o2 sensor? They don't look to expensive so I might just pick one up.
One thing I found is the AC can contribute to a rough idle, pulling fuse #62( ac clutch) as it's on 90% time.

Good to hear
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