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I was having an issue with my car it was running rough and kinda bucking or being jumpy, the check engine light flashing and I had a p0302 code. I replaced all the spark plugs, checked fuel injectors and ignition coil and it ran for a little while just fine it had a minor ticking sound .now it’s really loud I have the same misfire code as before and acting the same as before as if I didn’t do anything at all . im at a loss as to what to do now

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A code P0302 may mean that one or more of the following has happened:

Defective ignition coil(s)
Bad spark plug(s), spark plug wires, or spark plug boots
Faulty fuel injector(s)
Malfunctioning fuel delivery system (fuel pump, fuel pump relay, fuel injectors, or fuel filter)
Major engine vacuum leak
EGR valve stuck in the wide open position
Clogged EGR ports

Read more at: P0302 Cylinder 2 Misfire Detected

Tips to ensure no misfires occur:

Remove the coil pack. If the boots are stuck on, use a small screwdriver or pick with some dielectric grease on it to go around the outside of the boot and then possibly the inside of the boot to help aid in removal.

Remember to (p)re-gap your plugs to .028,

Set gap with the black portion of this tool.

Measure the gap with feeler gauges.


Throw this away.


Torque to 18 ft-lbs with no anti-seize on the threads of a stock type plug.

Ensure the boots have no rips/tears or holes in them, lightly coat them with dielectric/silicone grease and make sure the resister springs are clean and not caught up in the boots when you install them.

If the plugs look bad, consider these:

-BKR8EIX-2668 (iridium plugs), ~$25, expect ~10-15k regaps on these, ~40-50k overall life.
-BKR7E-4644 (nickel/copper plugs), ~$8, expect 15-25K out of these plugs, with a regap or two required at 5-8k intervals on stock tune.

Read Hesitation Gone! for more info on the plugs.
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