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Rust on coil pack is it bad?

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Hello I just checked my spark plugs (AutoLite Xtreme Performance) and they were shot after only 40,000 miles. I looked at the coil pack and the 2nd(?) coil is rusted on the heat shield and the plug is really burnt, I cleaned it with a soft brush and am picking up some NGK plugs tomorrow morning but should I even bother? Is my rail shot?

Also that stupid clip broke off on the connector, I was able to slide the plastic thing back in and clip it so it doesn't seem like it's the end of the world I hope...

Here's a link to the album with all the pictures on OneDrive!AsN7_5ta_nHLl609Rz8FKTQ0H35wUQ
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If your coil pack was bad it would throw a code for a misfire. Only corrosion that would matter would be if the springs inside the boots were corroded. how does the car run with new plugs and the old coil?
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