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Wasn't sure where to put this, so move it if you want :)

Was wondering what rust protection people use? I've been using Rust Check since 1991 on all my vehicles.

First vehicle was a '87 Daytona. Had that vehicle till '95 and my daughter bought it. Was totaled in '97 and the appraiser was surprised that it was in as good shape as was is for the year that it was.

2nd vehicle was a '94 Corsica. Not a spot on it when I traded it in, in '99

3rd was a '99 Chevy Metro. We sold that in Sept of '12 and the only spots on that was around the wheel well from the paint peeling off thanks to other vehicles hitting it in parking lots and around the antenna.

Wife has her '13 Spark rust checked and I have my '14 Cruze rust checked as well.
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