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Sad Day for Cruze production in AUS

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Today marks the last day of the locally produced Holden Cruze.

As all local production of cars winds up in Australia, today is the last day for the Cruze

Along side that, ALL production of Ford vehicles will also finish today


The Australian government, and by extension all taxpayers have been subsidizing every vehicle made in our country for years.

Thus costing thousands of Aussie jobs across not only at the Holden & Ford plants, but MANY of the component makers too

The cost of importing cars made in Korea, Thailand and the sorts have really destroyed our local manufacturing.

Peace Out to the Aussie make Cruze :th_salute:
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Sad. I love Australia and their autos.
That is quite depressing. What's going to happen to the utes? Are they going to be outsourced, or discontinued?
There will be no more V8 utes, sedans or wagons from either manufacturer.

Going forward, from what I understand they are either 6's or turbo 4's.

It is sad as the Aussie industry has been build on the back the V8

Look at the Ford XY GTHO, from 70-72, when it was made, it was the fastest sedan in the world.

Very much the end of an era, the Aussie V8 is very much the workhorse of our industry, everyone from tradies to farmers use them everyday.

Everything is moving towards the Ford Ranger, Holden Colorado, Toyota Hilux and VW Amarok. Which in their own right are nice, but have ZERO history as they have all been built O/S
This paired with the fact the G8 is becoming more and more rare and expensive to fix makes me sad..
This paired with the fact the G8 is becoming more and more rare and expensive to fix makes me sad..
The G8 is a Holden Statesman 6.0l or Caprice 6.2l LS3, depending on the year, beautiful cars, but production is due to finish early next year.

Parts are still everywhere as they have the same engines as all VE/VF SS or clubsport commodores here.
That's pretty sad.

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