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Safe storage in trunk over battery?

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edit to ask what if I velcro web to seats in trunk?
ORIG POST: We've had our 2016 second gen cruze for 8 mo's but have always been bummed about trunk storage, it looked so large, till we bought a spare. Now I have this big plastic box w/ emergency stuff in it and it takes up most of the space when you need it for other stuff.
I try to keep it away from the rear of trunk near seats cause the battery and wires live under it, Im paranoid it will collapse or leak or anything on them.
My trunk liner thing doesnt fit as snug since we bought a spare (after market couldnt afford 500 buck kit, spare is screwed down w/ bolt that came w/ car)
SO to the I put our old toyota cargo net in back of trunk over battery area and attached it to car frame and put jacks (bottle and scissor and flash light in it ) BUT what if that weight laying over battery and wires is bad? What if god forbid a I forget and repair person pulls the trunk board and the web lets it bare hit the battery area w/ the jacks weight?
Am I too paranoid or is this a bad place for weight? I have the bottle jack in zip bags and plastic dish (no lid wont fit) incase it would leak.
Trunk board is sitting slightly under seat and on trunk edges but does move a tad. I put what would fit, and I could secure down, in spare tire well (cables, wheel chocks, lug wrench).
Nothing to mount the web on in front of trunk plus a pia to lift crap over.
Thanks for your input I really appreciate it and pardon my stupidity. :blush:
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