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Satellite Radio Antenna

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Hi guys,
I have a 2013 2LT. When I bought it (used) the satellite radio wasn't working. The dealership quoted me $500 for fix it. I was told the antenna was busted and needed to be replaced. The roof of the car had been hit by falling tree limb. Even though I really love my watercolors channel on Sirius, I didn't think I loved it enough to spend $500 to fix it.
I didn't look more into it as I was told it was somehow connected to antenna for Onstar and I didn't want to mess that up.
Out of the blue, my wife bought this for me as early birthday present, since I always state hoe jealous I am of the satellite radio in her traverse.
I don't want to go through the trouble of removing the head unit if this antenna isn't going to work. I've searched the Internet trying to find a good picture of the back of the head unit to make sure, but I haven't seen anything convincing.
Will this work? Adapter Adapter Electronic device Technology Electronics accessory
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That antenna that you posted a picture of will not work with the factory radio. Gm uses proprietary connections for their devices and that antenna that you have is for the aftermarket satellite radio units that you mount on your dash.

No reason to pull the radio out and try, it is not going to work.
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